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​​Regular check-ups every six months and a rigorous routine of brushing and flossing will protect you from periodontal disease, cavities, bad breath and more.

It is critical to prevent periodontal disease so you can live a stress-free life without having to worry about your mouth.  Many people have periodontal disease and many more have it and don't even know.  Early detection can protect your gums and prevent future damage.  

Cavities shouldn't be a concern for adults only.  If you have small children, getting proper care for their teeth is a must.  Ensure your child avoids cavities and gum disease by practicing proper brushing and flossing habits with them on a daily basis.  

At Dothan Smiles, we are experienced in handling children and adults.  We take pleasure in helping our patients preserve their beautiful smiles!  Call us today at 334.793.3651.